FPV Drones

What is FPV?
The term FPV stands for "First person view". It refers to a system that some types of drones use that employs a frontal camera to send an analogical video signal to a device called "FPV goggles", that the pilot wears to see in real time what the drone sees, in a first person perspective.
FPV drones are usually small, fast and agile machines that are often used to race or even do "freestyle", an acrobatic way of flying.
Who am I?
My name is Pablo Gómez, I was born in Teguise in 2001 but nowadays I live in Playa Blanca.
Since I was a child I've always liked machines and gadgets, especially flying things, maybe in part because my father, who has always liked building plane replicas introduced me to the hobby early in my life.
At some point, he bought me a small toy RC helicopter, which was my starting point into learning how to controll this kind of things.
Some years passed without me doing anything related to RC, but that doesn't mean that I didn't learned more, even unconsciously, through videogames and simulators. Then, around two years ago, I discovered FPV drones, which combines the first person controls that a game or a simulator gives you with the (obvious) realism that real life implies, without taking (almost) any personal risk, and being pretty cheap overall, even if at first sight it doesn't seem so.
I recommend watching this video, as it will show you better than I do what FPV is all about